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Yellow Edible Marker Or Pen | Double Sided | Thin & Thick | Bake Haven - Bakeyy.com

Yellow Edible Marker Or Pen | Double Sided | Thin & Thick | Bake Haven

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Yellow Edible Marker Or Pen is used to add fun and coloured text or drawing, on to cakes or cookies or fondant, gum paste, royal icing ( dry), marshmallows, sugar...

Bakeyy's Edible Markers are the perfect tool for adding intricate details and personalized messages to your culinary creations. These markers are designed specifically for use on food surfaces, making them ideal for decorating cakes, cookies, fondant pieces, and even marshmallows.

Made with food-safe, edible ink, these markers allow you to draw, write, and embellish with precision and ease. Whether you're adding facial details to character cookies, writing names on birthday cupcakes, or sketching designs on fondant-covered cakes, Bakeyy's Edible Markers provide the control and flexibility needed for detailed work.

The markers come in a variety of vibrant colors, enabling you to create colorful and creative decorations that are both visually appealing and safe to eat. Their quick-drying ink ensures your designs stay sharp and smudge-free, enhancing your desserts without affecting their taste.

Perfect for both amateur bakers and professional decorators, Bakeyy's Edible Markers are a must-have in any baking toolkit. They offer a fun, easy, and safe way to bring your edible art to life, adding a personal touch that makes every occasion even more special.